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Work Currently on Display at Down the Street Art Gallery
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Blue Castle Card Holder

Blue Fringe Wind Spirit Vase

Blue Shawl Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Brown & Green Vision Seeker

Brown & Olive Card Holder

Brown & Olive Spirit Pouch Wall Hanging

Brown Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Chevron Wind Spirit Vase

Circle Spirit Pouch Wall Hanging

Cob Design Card Holder

Cobalt Shawl Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Etched Raven Spirit Pouch Wall Hanging

Fabric Design Card Holder

Feather Fringe Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Green & Star Buttons Card Holder

Green Wind Spirit Vase

Green Wind Spirit Wall Vase

Grey Green Card Holder

Lavender Pueblo Gourd Pot

Lilac Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Metallic Spirit Pouch Vase

Nut Design Card Holder

Olive & Tan Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Oval Maze Card Holder

Poke-a-Dot Card Holder

Purple Wind Spirit Vase

Raven Pendant Spirt Pouch Wall Hanging

Rectangle Maze Card Holder

Red Arrow Gourd Pot

Red Design Card Holder

Red Design Pen Holder

Red Flower Pen Holder

Red Spirit Pouch Wall Hanging

Red Wind Spirit Wall Vase

Ribbon Weave Wall Hanging

Rock Design Card Holder

Vision Seeker (Wheat)

Wolf Spirit Pouch Wall Hanging

Yellow Wind Spirit Wall Hanging

Zebra Card Holder

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