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Down the Street Artist - April Bower

An expert metalsmith in gold and silver, April has extended her art into unique copper fountains, functional sculptures, wall hangings and jewelry.   "Metal is an extremely versatile medium that can be cast, stretched, pounded, welded, textured and colored or melted down to start all over again.   From steel to copper to gold and from ancient forging techniques to modern electroforming, the possibilities are endless."

While earning a bachelor of Fine Arts, her jewelry work was experimental and creative in silver.   After teaching metalsmithing and then apprenticing in fine jewelry and working exclusively in gold, diamonds and faceted stones, she now finds she has come full circle, back to the fun, creative, silver work.   The copper jewelry is a result of long having worked in copper and an appreciation of its color and malleability.   She is currently exploring the juxtaposition of texture vs. smooth, matte vs. polish, while creating an extremely wearable work of art.

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Down the Street Artist - GAIL

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Down the Street Artist - Gee


I believe it was an enigma of the subconscious mind.   I began beading as a way to cope with the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation after undergoing breast cancer surgery.   I needed to occupy my mind and hands while creating something I could give away to all my gal pals to wear in memory of me and my unknown lifespan.   Everyone who received a bracelet wore it and I truly felt their thoughts and prayers made a huge difference in my healing process.   Here it is 15 years later and I am still alive creating jewelry!

I create simple and colorful pieces.   Beads feel good to the touch and hold many mystical qualities.   All of my creations are one of a kind, which I now share with unknown people who may be going thru similar trials and tribulations in their lives…or maybe they just love what they see or feel.   Love them, gift them, but in the end, enjoy them!   Life’s simple pleasures are best when shared.

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Down the Street Artist - Bob Gleason

When I discovered weaving...or rather weaving found began an expansive path of meditation and creativity.   When I weave, the day's problems, stress and drama all disappear and reed demands my here-and-now attention.   I'm challenged, relaxed and freed.

A few considerations I use for weaving:   Use of colors has no limits   -   Any "mistake" repeated more than three times is called a "pattern"   -   Left-handed weavers (yes I'm left-handed) are better off designing their own baskets; it's tough enough trying to read the right-handed basket patterns   -   Every basket is unique; just like us   -   Everything is temporary   -   Nothing is perfict, so, relax   -   When all else fails, weave a basket.

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Down the Street Artist - Albert Goldman

I am a retired pediatrician and self-taught artist who has painted extensively since 1971.   Originally from Chicago, I moved to Arizona in 1998 after falling in love with the geology and variability of the landscape.   Of course, the weather helped as well!

Since 2002, my style has varied from realistic landscapes to those with abstract backgrounds which include indigenous flora and fauna.   I then gravitated to surrealism and abstraction which I have enjoyed my entire life.   After suffering a major stroke in 2013, my style has become looser and probably more meaningful to me, but surely I am less productive.   Age can do that to a person.

On June 13, 2016, at the age of 90, Albert Goldman was folded back into the fabric of the universe.

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Down the Street Artist - Tom Hewitt

From my early years in high school shop class I always knew I like wood working and the products that could be created.   I dabbled in woodworking as a hobby for all my professional career years.   However, when I retired I began to seriously concentrate on making "gift" items.

I now have a dedicated wood working shop.   Naturally, I've also customized numerous cabinetry and shelving units for our home as a result of this investment.   I always enjoy a challenge.   Several of my projects have been "one of a kind" for friends and family.   Generally though, I prefer to create interesting pieces that are utilitarian while displaying the unique beauty of the wood.   Although I do work with some exotic woods, it never ceases to amaze me how lovely the local woods can be, even those harvested from the Payson area.

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Down the Street Artist - Janice Hoyt

Janice finds inspiration for her transparent watercolor paintings as she hikes the many beautiful trails around the Payson area.   Aspentrees, ponderosa pines and eagles are her most recent favorite subjects.   The movement of the leaves and bracches, the colors, light and textures in her paintings portray the way she feels when she is in the forest.   Many of her clients find her paintings inspirational because they express the tranquility of nature.

Janice has sketched and painted all her life, working in watercolor, oil, acrylic and graphite.   Some of her earlier paintings reflect her Mid-western origin.   She welcomes and has created many commissions ans built up a large body of work for display.

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Down the Street Artist - Minette

I can't ever remember not wanting to draw and paint.   My Grandmother encouraged me by allowing me to make messes and then telling me how great a gift it was to be able to freely express ones self and if by chance it was pleasing to the eye...all the better...

I hope that you will enjoy my art as much as I do making it...see...Iget to be five years old again...make a mess and hope it's pleasing to your eye...

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Down the Street Artists - Miss Illanious

Life leaves a trail of things left behind, discarded, lost, misplaced, forgotten...   These are those of artists gone "Bye" and others - who knows why.

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Down the Street Artist - Donn Morris

I was a high school art teacher for 35 years, now retired more than 20 years.   Since retiring my wife and I have traveled the world.   When not traveling I'm in my studio producing art.   I work primarily in watercolor, but pencil is one of my favorite mediums as well as pen, and now pastels.   I hope that my work captures my interest in people...their place...their memories...their work...their play...their lives.

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Down the Street Artist - C.M.Okerwall

CM Okerwall, western artist, paints and draws in the mood of the Rim Country.   He is a graduate of The American Academy of Art, Chicago.   His career included advertising art studios in the Chicago Loop before owning his own advertising agency.

A romance with the west and his interest in Zane Grey changed his painting focus when he and his wife moved to Payson in 1988.   He has been painting in western/cowboy genre ever since.

CM's favorite medium is acrylics.   He is well known and regarded nationally for his watercolors, pencil sketches and pastels.   He is a member and past president of the Payson Art League.   His studio in Payson is on Indian Hill in view of the Great Mogollon Rim.

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Down the Street Artist - Storybead

Storybead, is part Tuscarora, a band of the Iroquois Confederation.   She draws on the spirituality of her aboriginal blood especially when making beaded medicine bags.   She says she is in a "different state of mind" when making them.   "I want to incorporate elements that will be right for the person who buys it...often they say that the bag just spoke to them."   "There is a lot of satisfaction in making something a person will treasure that way."

Lately she has developed "Iroquois Wind Spirits" out of ceramic that she fires and then beads.   Most of her ceramic designs are vases and wall hangings with decorative beads, feathers, pockets and leather components.   As with her other work, each is one of a kind incorporating Native symbols and images.

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Down the Street Artist - Carol Steyaert Carol is a local artist who is not afraid to shed a different light on her subjects.   With the combination of her unique talent and selection of media, she gives you the feeling of being part of the art she creates.   She has the eye for making the ordinary...extra ordinary.   Carol enjoys watercolors and encaustic painting.   Encaustic painting - also known as hot wax painting - involves using heated wax to which colored pigments are added.   The liquid paste is then applied to a heavy surface such as paper, wood or canvas.   It is very stable but should be displayed away from extreme heat or direct sun light.

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Down the Street Artist - Jeff Wiles

Art is like mountain climbing.   Why climb a mountain?   Because it's there.   Why paint a picture?   Because it isn't there.   Both can be difficult but the views can be spectacular.   Only gods can live at the top, but sometimes it's nice to walk with the gods, rather than just shaking your fist at them.   Both demand your attention.   They must both be for the journey, because the destination is where you started from.

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